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Active Tasks

A Task is considered "active" if it has been assigned and reached its start date, and has not yet reached its end date.

What can be done with an active Task?

Active Tasks can be:

How do I view all active Tasks?

To view only those active Tasks with which you're involved:

  • Click  next to the Task search bar.

  • Click .

In the resulting window:

  • Enter your name in the "User(s)" field.

  • If you want to limit your results to only Tasks for which you fill a certain role - such as the Author or Assignee - enter those choices in the "Role(s)" field.

  • Enter "Active" in the "Status" field.

  • Click .


To view all active Tasks in your organization or from your Network Location:

  • Click "Tasks" in the left navigation bar.

  • Click "My Tasks - All" to open the quick filter.

    • If you only want to see active Tasks from your network location, hover over "My Location."

    • If you want to see active Tasks from your Network Location, hover over "My Location."

  • Choose "Active" from the resulting drop-down menu.


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