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Complete Tasks

A Task is considered "complete" only after it has been officially completed.

What can be done with a complete Task?

Complete Tasks can be:

How do I view all complete Tasks?

To view only those complete Tasks with which you were involved:

  • Click  next to the Task search bar.

  • Click .

In the resulting window:


  • Enter your name in the "User(s)" field.

  • If you want to limit your results to only Tasks for which you fill a certain role - such as the Author or Assignee - enter those choices in the "Role(s)" field.

  • Enter "Complete" in the "Status" field.

  • Click .

To view all complete Tasks from your Location or from the entire organization:

  • Click "Tasks" in the left navigation bar.


  • Click "My Tasks - All" to open the quick filter.

    • If you want to see complete Tasks from your entire organization, hover over "My Organization."

    • If you only want to see complete Tasks from your Network Location, hover over "My Location."

  • Choose "Complete" from the resulting drop-down menu.


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