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How to make Pareto Charts in KaiNexus

A Pareto Chart is a kind of chart that contains both bars and a line graph.

  • Individual values are displayed in descending order by the bars.

  • The cumulative total is represented by the line.

  • The left axis is most often the frequency of occurrence, but it can also be any other unit of measurement.

  • The right axis is the cumulative percentage of the total number of occurrences (or any other unit of measurement).



How do I make a Pareto Chart in KaiNexus?


Add a new Chart to your Improvementto your Project, or to your Board. In the "New Chart" window, navigate to the "Data" tab, then add a title.


Your Chart will automatically be set with the horizontal axis divided by date. If you want to change this to categories:

  • Click  next to "Date."

  • Choose "Category."

Next, add the line graph's series:

  • Click .

In the resulting window:

  • Give the series a name.

  • (**Optional**) Enter a description.

  • Choose the following settings:

    • Type = Line

    • Y-Axis = Right

  • Choose "Show" Markers if you want to see a small dot on the line graph at each data point. Choose "Hide" if you want the graph to be a line with no dots.

  • Choose a color.

  • Click .


Now create a bar chart:

  • Click .

In the resulting window:

    • Enter a title.

    • (**Optional**) Enter a description.

    • Choose the following settings:

      • Type = Line

      • Y-Axis = Left

    • Choose a color.

    • Click .

Add as many bar charts as needed to represent your data, following the previous steps.


Once you're done working with the data series, add rows to your Chart:

  • Click  to add multiple rows to your data tab. 

    NOTE: This button will not appear until you have added at least one series.

    In the resulting window:

    • If you're working with dates, enter a start date, an end date, and a step unit (day, week, or month). This will determine how many rows are added - the "dates" column will be filled.

      If you're working with categories, enter the number of rows you want to add.

  • Click  at the bottom of the chart window if you want to add one row at a time.

Rows of dates are arranged in order from oldest to most recent, but rows of categories can be arranged in whatever order you want. Drag and drop the rows into the order you want.


Next, add data:

  • Add a single data point: Click on the appropriate column and row intersection, then enter the value. 


  • Copy an entire column of data from an Excel spreadsheet:

    • Go to the spreadsheet containing your data.

    • Select an entire column of data - except for any headings. Click "Copy" or hit ctrl+c to copy it.

    • Go back to the Chart window in KaiNexus and click in the first data box in the corresponding column.

    • Either right-click and choose "Paste" or type ctrl+v to paste the data.

    • Repeat these steps as many times as necessary to copy each column of data into KaiNexus.


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