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Received email: "KaiNexus: Multiple Accounts"


If you’ve received the above email, “KaiNexus: Multiple Accounts:”

  1. You’ve recently requested that a reset password or account activation be sent to you,

  2. You used your email address in that request, rather than your username,

  3. And that email address is affiliated with multiple KaiNexus accounts, so the system couldn’t tell which account you wanted to work with.

To get a reset password or account activation email, you’ll need to:


  1. Go to the address listed in that email.

  2. Click “Can’t access your account?”

  3. Choose either “Activate Account via Email” or “Reset Password via Email.”

  4. Enter the username of the account you want to work with - that username will also have been listed in the “KaiNexus: Multiple Accounts” email.

After a few minutes, you’ll receive an email containing a link to reset your password or activate your account. If you don’t see that email, check your spam filter - it’s common for these emails to get trapped there.



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