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Planned Improvements

Why would I want to use the planned status?

The planned status is used when a new Improvement has been evaluated and chosen to be implemented at a later date. Who will work on it and when it will be worked on have not yet been determined.


What’s the difference between planned and deferred?

  • Planned: Improvements that you intend to implement later.

  • Deferred: Improvements that you'll decide whether or not to implement at a later date.


How do I plan an Improvement?

Only people with who can edit an Improvement can plan it.

  • Open the Improvement you want to plan.

  • Click  in the Improvement's action bar.

In the resulting window:

  • You are required to enter a reason for planning the Improvement.

  • You may enter a start date - the date the Improvement will automatically become active. 

  • If you enter a start date, you must enter a due date.

  • If you have the right permissions to assign this Improvement, you will also see the Responsible field. You can assign the Improvement to the right person.


What happens when the start date comes around?

  • The Improvement will be flagged for the attention of all team members; the alert reads “Status Changed to Active.”

  • The people will remain unaffected. If no Responsible person was ever assigned, one will need to be added manually at this time.


How do I view all currently planned Improvements?

  • Click "Improvements" in the left navigation bar.

  • Click "My Improvements - All" to open the quick filter.

    • If you want to see planned Improvements from your entire organization, hover over "My Organization."

    • If you only want to see planned Improvements from your Network Location, hover over "My Location."

  • Choose "Planned" from the resulting drop-down menu.


To see all planned Improvements with which you're involved:

  • Click "Improvements" in the left navigation bar.


  • Click  next to the Improvement search bar.

  • Click .

In the resulting window:

  • Enter your name in the User(s) field.

  • If you want to limit your results to only Improvements for which you fill a certain role - e.g. Author or Responsible - enter those choices in the Role(s) field.

  • Enter "Planned" in the Status field.


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