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Task terms

  • Tasks - Tasks are used to break up an Improvement or Project into smaller units of work. This allows the work to be distributed across a Team.

  • Assignee – Responsible for completing the Task.

  • Assigner – Assigned someone to be responsible for a Task.

  • Author – This is the person or people who initially created the Task.

  • Status – The status of a Task indicates how far along in the implementation process it is.

    • New - When an Improvement is initially entered into the system.

    • Active - The status given once someone is assigned the Task.

    • Overdue -  This status is given if the Task is not completed before its due date.

    • Completed - This status is given once the Task is completed.

  • Authored On – The date when the Task is initially submitted.

  • Start Date – The date when work on the Task begins.

  • Due On – The date by which the Task is to be completed.

  • Completed Date – The date on which the Task is finished.

  • Task Comments – Users can enter comments on the Task to log updates and communicate with other users. Comments are noted in the digest email, and can optionally be sent out in individual emails.

  • Timeline – This audit trail keeps track of every significant event that happens on a Task.


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