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Alert terms

Alerts – Notifications that tell you when something has happened on an Improvement, Project, or Task of which you need to be aware. These notifications are customized, meaning that only the users are only notified on a need-to-know basis.

Alerts come in three varieties:


  • These notifications are the most important type of alert. It means that there is something you need to do in the system in order for your Improvement, Project, or Task to move forward.


  • These notifications are triggered by your notification preferences. This is information about which you've asked to be informed, but which do not necessarily require you to take action. 


  • Each time you visit an item in KaiNexus, anything that has happened since your last visit will be marked with a blue dot to highlight it for you. It's a great way to skim Improvements and Projects for new updates. 

  • The Blue dots will disappear once you view the Improvement, Projects, or Task.


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