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Create an Improvement

How do I create a new Improvement?



  1. Click  at the top of the screen.

  2. All of your organization’s types of Improvements and Projects will then be displayed, with Improvements signified by a  and Projects by a . Choose the kind of Improvement you would like to create and click it.

In the resulting window:

  1. Depending on the type of Improvement, different information will be required; there may be optional fields and attributes as well. You will be required to enter a short summary of the Project - this field is often called the “Title,” “Summary,” or “Theme.”

    Once you’ve entered the title, click outside that field. If there are any similar Improvements or Projects in KaiNexus, a blue badge will appear next to the magnifying glass like this: . The number displayed on that badge correlates to the number of similar items.

    Hover over that icon to see a list of the titles of those similar items or click that icon to open a more detailed list of items.

    This list includes the colored status bar, the Project and Improvement icons, the items’ titles and ID numbers, and the item’s similarity score - a higher score means that the item is more similar to the title you entered than the others on this list. You can click on any of those items to access the Project or Improvement itself.

  2. If you want to make your Improvement part of a Project, fill out the Parent Project field with the name of that Project.

  3. Users with the "Private" permission have the option to make an Improvement private by checking the box next to “Make Private?”.

  4. Click "Team" to see the team fields.

    1. If you're entering this Improvement on behalf of someone else, enter their name in the "Author" field. An Improvement can have multiple authors.

    2. If you have the "Assign" permission, you can enter the name of the Responsible person. You'll be required to enter a due date. You can also change the assigner by changing the name in the "Assigned by" field.

    3. Add any other people you think need to stay informed about the Improvement in the "Followers" field.

  5. You can add links or attachments.

  6. Click .

Once the Improvement has been submitted, a message containing a list of everyone who has been notified of the submission will be displayed. These are the people who will be responsible for taking the next step of assigning the Improvement.


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