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Plan a Task

How do I plan a Task?

The Assigner, Assignee, Author(s), and/or Collaborator(s) can plan a Task.

  • Open the Task you want to plan.

  • Click 2017-06-30_1636_001.png in the Task's action bar.


In the resulting window:

  • Enter a reason for planning the Task.

  • (**Optional**) Enter the date on which the Task should automatically become active in the “Start Date” field.

  • (**Optional**) Enter the name of the person who should be responsible for this Task in the “Assignee” field.

    • Pick “Assign” to immediately assign the Task to the entered Assignee. You can only do this if that person is located below you in your organization’s Network.

      Pick “Request” to ask the entered Assignee to take charge of the Task. This is your only option if you’ve entered someone who is not below you in the Network, but can be chosen for someone below you as well.

      If you enter your own name, you will not be given this option and the Task will be immediately assigned to you.

    • Enter the date on which work on this Task should begin in the “Start Date” field.

    • Enter the date by which the Task should be completed in the “Due Date” field.

    • Enter the name of the person responsible for assigning the Task in the “Assigned By” field. This field will be filled in with the name of the person filling out this form but can be replaced by the name of whoever actually made the decision, if necessary.

    • Enter the names of any Collaborators in the “Collaborator(s)” field and any Followers in the “Follower(s)” field.

  • Click 2017-06-30_1557.png.


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