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Much more powerful Tasks

A ton of new features have been added to Tasks, giving you a ton more power and control!

The main differences between Tasks and Improvements that remain are that Tasks:

  • Cannot have any items nested under them - not even other Tasks.

  • Do not have Resolutions or contribute any impact data.

  • Have only a single Location field. The Task’s Location defaults to that of the Task’s Author and will not be automatically changed afterward, regardless of the Location of its parent. You can, however, manually update the Task’s Location.


Task templates

You can now have multiple Task templates - just like you can with Projects and Improvements. Reach out to your Customer Experience Lead to set up new templates.

Task templates are a lot like Improvement templates:

  • You can customize the name and the name of the summary field.

  • You can restrict the creation of this kind of Task to people with certain Roles.

  • You can let people create this kind of Task on the mobile app.

  • You can add any fields and attributes you’d like, in any order you’d like.


Stand-alone Tasks

Tasks no longer have to be nested under a parent Project, Improvement, or Incident.

A stand-alone Task is effectively private - only people on its Team can access it, even with the direct link.

You can make a Task stand-alone by leaving the new “Parent” field blank when creating the Task or by editing an existing Task and deleting the original parent from the “Parent” field.


Re-nest a Task

If you have a Task nested under one Project and want to move it so that it’s nested under an Improvement, you no longer have to rebuild it!

Now you can just edit the Task and replace the item listed under the “Parent” field with the correct new parent, and you’ll be all set.


Links and Files

You can now add links and files to Tasks just like you can for Improvements and Projects.


Expanded team

We’ve made some changes to the makeup of a Task’s team:

  • You can now have multiple Authors

  • We’ve added Collaborators and Followers.


Copy a Task

You can now quickly make a copy of a Task.

When you copy a Task:

  • The copy will be created in the “new” status.

  • You will be listed as its Author.

  • If the original Task was nested under a parent Project, Improvement, or Incident, the copy will be nested under that same parent.

To copy a Task:

  • Click 2017-06-28_1615.png in the Task’s action bar.

  • Click 2017-06-28_1615_001.png in the resulting drop-down menu.


  • In the resulting window, click 2017-06-28_1616.png.


Convert a Task

You can now convert a Task into any other type of Task, Project, Improvement, or Incident that you have permission to create.

When you convert a Task:

  • Its status will be changed to “new.”

  • Any dates that no longer apply due to that status will be removed.

To convert a Task:

  • Click 2017-06-28_1615.png in the Task’s action bar.

  • Click 2017-06-28_1619.png in the resulting drop-down menu.


In the resulting window:

  • Select the new type to which you want to convert this Task in the “New Type” field.

  • If there are any fields to be mapped over from the Task, you’ll be prompted to choose into which fields the Task’s information should be placed.

  • Click 2017-06-28_1621.png.


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