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Deferred Tasks

How do I defer a Task?

Only people who can edit a Task can defer it.

  • Open the Task.

  • Click  in the action bar.

  • Click  in the resulting drop-down menu.

In the resulting window:


  • Enter a reason for deferring the Task.

  • Click "Defer Task."


How do I activate a deferred Task?

Only people who can assign a deferred Task can activate it.

Open the Task  you want to activate.

  • Click  in the action bar.


In the resulting window:


  • Enter the name of the Assignee in the "Assign To" field. Choose whether you want to assign the Task to them directly or simply request their help. If you do not have permission to assign the Task to a particular person - based on your relative locations within the organization's Network - you will only be able to request their assistance.

  • Enter a start date and a due date in the corresponding fields.

  • (**Optional**) Enter a comment.

  • Either leave your own name in the "Assigner" field or enter someone else's name to make them the Assigner.

  • Click "Activate Task."


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