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Copy an Incident

STOP: Is the Incident module active for your organization?


Who can copy an Incident?

To copy an Incident, you must:

  • Be able to see the Incident.

  • Have permission to create that kind of Incident.

NOTE: If the Incident is part of a Project, you must be a member of that Project’s team as well.


What happens when I copy an Incident?

  • The copy will be in the draft status.

  • You will be made the Reporter.

  • The title will be “Copy of [the original title].

The following information will be copied:

  • Title

  • Parent Project (if there is one)

  • All fields

  • Attachments

  • Links

  • Charts

If the original Incident was private, the copy will be as well.


You can copy an Incident’s nested Tasks

When copying an Incident, you have the option of copying all of its nested Tasks as well. Copied Tasks will be moved into the new status with the copied entered as the Author.


How do I copy an Incident?

To copy an Incident:

  • Click More.png in the action bar.

  • Click 2017-02-21_1557.png.


  • In the resulting window, check the box next to “Include Copies of Tasks” to copy its Tasks.

  • Click 2017-04-28_1614.png.



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